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Known for exemplary discipline the Marine Corps ensures victory by obeying key commands such as: establish clear tactical objectives; know the terrain before heading into battle; identify and capitalise on combat advantages; control timing; leverage complementary skills within the unit; negotiate from a morally defensible position; and harness strength of leadership to craft a bulletproof plan. Ken Marlin served ten years' active duty as a Marine officer before taking on the financial sector. He's seen this program of pride professionalism and fidelity work from the battlefield to the boardroom. Marlin is no socialist: he's a capitalist and risk taker who enjoys earning money for himself and his clients. In this book he teaches you the Marine Corps way to win on Wall Street and on Main Street: sacrifice short term gains for the long term interests of your clients and your company. Deploying Marine tested tactics he engineers lasting honourable success while lowering the ethical cost of doing business. That's the Marine Corps way.