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As memoirs become increasingly popular it is somewhat surprising that so little attention has been given to one of the most notable manifestations of memoirs in modern time: the Bloomsbury Group's 'Memoir Club'. Leading Bloomsbury scholar S.P. Rosenbaum collected most of the surviving memoirs by the group including those by first members Virginia and Leonard Woolf Roger Fry J.M. Keynes Lytton Strachey E. M. Forster Vanessa and Clive Bell Molly and Desmond MacCarthy and Duncan Grant. Using this original archival research Rosenbaum had written a large part of a history of the Memoir Club before his death in May 2012. Edited by distinguished Woolf scholar James M. Haule who provides an introduction an afterword and an annotated list of memoirs The Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club offers a perceptive chronicle of the Memoir Club's origins and first years an important addition to our understanding not just of the work of the Club's participants but also of twentieth-century autobiography and the history of Bloomsbury more generally.